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Interview Waiver Program

Interview Waivers for Adults 80 Years or Older

If you are 80 years or older and have not been refused a visa in the last year, you may request an interview waiver following this procedure

Interview Waiver for Children Under 14 Years Old

Children under 14 years of age are no longer required to appear for a nonimmigrant visa interview at any Post in India.  This exemption covers all nonimmigrant visas, including  B1/B2, H4 and L2 visa categories.  Please follow the instructions on to apply.

Note:  Parents/guardians must submit the following documents if applicable:  the parents’ or guardians’ U.S. visa numbers or copy of their confirmation page for their interview, if parents are applying at the same time, the purpose of the visit,  the names of persons to be visited in the U.S., and evidence of the applicant's ties to India.  Visa issuance for those not appearing in person is not guaranteed.  After reviewing the application, the Embassy or Consulate may in some cases require the child to appear in person.

Interview Waiver for Returning Students

Students on F1 visas, returning to the same program at the same school, are eligible for the Interview Waiver Program.   Students must present a valid 1829 from the same program in order to qualify.

Interview Waiver for H1-B and Individual L1-A and L1-B Visa Holders

If you hold an H1-B or Individual L1-A or L1-B visa that is still valid or expired within the last 12 months, you may qualify for the Interview Waiver Program.  To qualify, the petitioner must be the same as on your initial visa, however, the end client need not be the same.  You must present a current, valid I-129, LCA, Petitioner Letter to USCIS and pay slips showing your salary for the preceding three (3) months. 

If you think you qualify, please follow these instructions.